Sunday, June 3, 2012

What to expect once you're an adult

Remember being 5 and thinking adults were the smartest people and had everything figured out? I also consider this thought while I'm sitting in class and I turn to my right and there sitting next to me is a possible (in the near) future nurse. I turn to my left and there's a possible police man. I notice the student who could be a teacher and I realize (maybe) someone from my school could be president (but probably not). My point? That once you're an adult you realize we don't have everything figured out and in fact, we all (somewhat) started out the same.

Once you realize this, everything changes. Personally, it makes me want to work harder. It makes me want to be better. It makes me open my mind and heart to things I never cared for. As vague as I'm making this, the conclusion is that I can not share the same expectations I account for myself on others. This has been (and is) a rough transition. It's easier to disagree, be mad, etc... rather than take the time to understand. As my father says, "It takes time to care."

I am only 23 (in other words, I don't know enough) but my beliefs and knowledge thus far has recently been digging in my skin. It has caused breakouts in few of my family relationships (because I simply want to be in control of things), but it ultimately weighs on my mind from time to time.

However, it’s hit me now. I am being extremely egotistic to think, or even want, my expectations to hold the same standards as others. I must remember, if we were all the same there wouldn't be change. And change is good.

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