Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For blue skies

You can't be prepared for change, but you can accept it as it comes. For what it's worth, time makes you wiser but not without the consequences from mistakes. The chance that you may regret what cannot be undone would ultimately be missing the point all along. 

Why regret a choice you made? That's why the old folk say to think before you speak, to make decisions you're proud of, but I've never been a good listener. It's the impulsive, impatient blood that's rushed me from heartache to heartache. I wish for understanding and I wish to be humbled by all the madness I've built. I am so far from those days and still my memory brings me pain. 

You can't be prepared from hurting someone, and you can't be prepared for not getting hurt. It's inevitable. But respect, courtesy, honor - these should all be solid aspects for humanity. Without our word, what do we truly stand for? 

The root of this vague message I'm trying to spread is simply this: who are you at the end of the day, and if it's not someone you're certain of then I suggest when you wake up, try again. This life is all we're truly confirmed with, so take it all in, because we're all striving to make sense of something bigger than us, yet what we're so intently part of.

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